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Photography Designed for You

My Story

My life has been a remarkable photographic journey.

The School of Visual Arts in New York shaped the technical and creative use of my tools.
Having the gift to see the real world as a vivid canvas shaped my career.

​Weddings, school and baby photography were steppingstones.
I enjoyed creating cherished moments for many diverse wedding couples, who then gave me the
privilege of photographing memories for their children and over time, their children's weddings.

​As an editorial photographer, I documented political and
community events and highlighted human-interest stories.

Portrait, real estate, and product photography round out my repertoire.
​ My newest endeavor, avian photography, is just for fun!

Taking pride in knowing my tools and how to shoot in any situation are the attributes of a

well-seasoned photographer. My camera is an appendage, always a part of me.

With this experience, I have created a diverse portfolio that spans decades of timeless stories.

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